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fuck yeah, twin atlantic

Tour starts this week! Hope everyone who is attending one or more dates will have a great time. Don’t forget to submit photos if you take any! I’ll be traveling to Glasgow myself on thursday to attend both Barrowland shows and I will be photographing at least one, maybe two shows of the Europe tour as well, so expect photos to pop up on here sometime soon.


Back in 2011, Sam McTrusty once drew me a thing. He then shoved it in my face and insisted I would take it home with me. To see your favourite band play a show for not even fifteen people was quite surreal. That show is still my favourite show I’ve seen - Wonder Sleeps, What Is Light, John Wayne, Lightspeed, Caribbean War Syndrome, Audience and Audio and Old Grey Face were on that setlist.

It was then that I got my A Guidance From Colour EP signed - when Sam got hysterical and couldn’t stop talking about how rad it was that someone from overseas owned a copy. That was also the show were he called me an idiot for going to their concert a day before my final exams ever and kept telling me to get home safe. It was when Craig still had a moustache… Haha.

Last time I saw them was january 2012, that one time where I made Sam cry. Ha. Where they played a show for not even thirty people… On Thursday, I’ll be flying out to Glasgow to see them play two sold out shows in the Barrowlands and I’m extremely excited. A bit nervous, too, because it’s been so long and that’s a bit scary. Knowing that there will be over two thousand people singing along to their songs instead of twenty people already gives me goosebumps and I will probably cry while seeing that in real life. I’m seeing this dumb band four times in the next four weeks and I will get to photograph them on my last show, which has been a dream of mine and is a perfect ending to this little adventure.

I’ll be tagging everything related to this whole thing #twintrip, so if you’d like to follow my travel-things, you can. Haha.

Here’s to a month full of Twin Atlantic. I am ready.


Have two @twinatlantic tickets for Cardiff Solus for sale, 2nd November, anyone interested? #twinatlantic #cardiff #solus


Twin Atlantic at The Troubadour

Shot for Grimy Goods. See the full set here!


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