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fuck yeah, twin atlantic


What boredom and listening to TA over and over leads to #art #twinatlantic


An interview I Did with Barry McKenna from Twin Atlantic at this year’s Leeds Festival

Anonymous whispered:
i don't know if you've gotten the question before, but do you know what the 00:00 stands for? i know it's got to do with great divide because sam tattooed it and has it on the back of his levis jacket and i see it on their instagrams and such sometimes... do you think maybe it has to do with the alarm clock beeps at the beginning of actions that echo? idk maybe it's just going over my head or something haha. it just really bothers me cause i dont know what it symbolizes!!! thanks! XXX

Think it does yeah!

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Today @twinatlantic and @RSNO were at @thecarrickgolf to promote the Ryder Cup Gala Concert!

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